Switching Careers in Your Thirties


Of course, it’s scary! But so is staying in your comfort zone and dreaming of what could have been.

When I first started traveling the world for work, the shock of a complete lifestyle and career transformation was huge. In the first few months, I was always frazzled, anxious, confused and tired. What got me through those days was thinking, "as soon as I take a vacation everything will be fine," or "as soon as I get some days off at home, I’ll feel better.” But I never tried the obvious: just living in the moment, being present and not always thinking ahead, planning or predicting what could go wrong.

For about a year, I agonized over whether I had made the right decision switching careers in my thirties. I mean, who the hell did I think I was taking on a job that required a whole new set of skills? I remember lying awake at night in Sydney, Australia, going back and forth between wondering whether I should throw in the towel, quit and return to my old job and thinking there was no way I could go back to earning a Teacher's Coach salary. I felt trapped between security and a good paycheck and a life of peace with low pay.

Change is one of the most universal fears. It's the reason why people remain in abusive relationships, bad jobs, and pursue careers for which they have no passion.

However change is not only inevitable, but it's also what allows us to discover new and better relationships, jobs, careers, and lifestyles. Change is necessary if you want to live a life with no regrets (or as few as possible).

Case in point, I was in a bad relationship many years ago. We both brought baggage into it and some of it was HEAVY. Sure, we had some of the best conversations I've ever had. But a conversation does not a relationship make. We kept breaking up and getting back together. Now I think back and it's clear to me, we were afraid of not finding someone better.

I also stayed in a job that I hated for two long years, years that I could have invested in furthering my education, working at a new place or even switching careers. But that damn fear of change kept nagging at me and holding me back.

Twenty years later, it's so obvious that I shouldn't have tolerated either of those situations. But hindsight, and all that stuff, blah, blah. Besides, I learned from every single one of them.

Currently, I love getting to help people who are stuck and afraid to change, look at things differently, step back and observe matters from a different perspective. One of the most satisfying aspects of my work as a life coach is watching that "aha" moment in the eyes of one of my clients. At that moment, I forgive myself for being afraid of change all those times because I learned so much I can share with so many people now.

Are you currently afraid to step out of your comfort zone and make a change? Contact me and let’s discuss it.

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