Ways to Improve Work Travel for Road Warriors

There are four things in life that go out the window when athletes and translators are on the road: your workout routine, your diet, your sleep pattern and your skincare regimen. WTT (Work Trip Tip) for the guys: if you think skincare is only for women, you are nuts! Specially if you compete in Trap or Skeet and stand out in the sun for hours every day. Skin cancer and sun damage don’t respect anyone!


Workouts are directly affected by jet lag and the latter inevitably causes sleep disruption. Who feels like working out when they’re exhausted? So you have to combat jet lag first and there’s an article with great tips here. Once you start getting some decent sleep, working out won’t seem so daunting. I like to run up and down stairs at hotels for my cardio and then do 20 minutes of Pilates in my room (great mat workouts by Cassey Ho for all levels). Whether you’re a translator or an athlete, you have to sleep well in order to be alert and sharp for your performance.

Now, as far as diet goes, unless you’re very disciplined and well-prepared, meals can be tricky. For example, I’m vegetarian and my stomach can’t take anything spicy (“What kind of Korean are you?!” is a question I’ve been asked so many times). Coconuts & Kettlebells has a good article on eating healthy on the road. I’ve tried to forget how many times I’ve been to a work dinner where there were no vegetarian options or everything was spicy (I’m talking to YOU New Delhi), only to get back to my hotel room starving and raiding the minibar to binge on two full bars Toblerone, a bag of peanuts and some M&Ms…which I can tell you does not satisfy hunger AT ALL and makes sleep impossible after such a sugar rush.

And don’t get me started on eating at a Range! ISSF athletes who are healthy eaters bring their own food when they can (my friends, Japanese Team Assistant Chiemi and Manager Hiro bring several suitcases of snacks and food for the Team and he’s saved me from starvation more than once). So buy little snack bags and fill them with healthy snacks for flights, airports and the shooting range.

Now we get to my passion, SKINCARE, which I suppose I carry in my Korean DNA. There are two things that really play havoc with your skin, whether you’re female or male, an Athlete, an Official or ISSF staff: flying and being outdoors (I’m looking at YOU outdoor range athletes!).


Hydrate! A lot!

I discovered this amazing cool water with natural fruit & mint leaves (Vienna Airport).

Flying dehydrates you inside and out because your body must use more fluids to maintain your organs. Unfortunately, most of us prefer to sleep when we fly (who wants to be awake and uncomfortable for 10 hours?), so you are not drinking any water while you sleep (and beer and other alcoholic beverages don’t count as hydration). Now, what I do aside from drinking water, is hydrate my skin.

I’ve tried everything from drugstore to high-end designer brands and only Hanskin Hyaluron Skin Essence (order it from Soko Glam because they have the best Korean skincare products and great service). Put a little in a small TSA-approved container and tap some on your face whenever it feels dry (although I can guarantee you won’t need to do it more than once because this stuff is amazing).

The Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Essence Mist, which you can algo order from Soko Glam, is simply delicious as a cleanser (on long flights and layovers in airports, your skin either gets dry or oily and you can spray a little mist on your face and leave it on as a pre-hyaluronic essence hydrator or wipe it off with a cotton pad to cleanse your skin and leave it soft and ready for hydration. (Note to male athletes: it’s not going to kill you or be a hazard to your manhood if you hydrate your skin! Do it and you’ll always look younger than your age).

And before you go out in the sun (and I do a lot of my translating and interpreting out in the shooting ranges) always, ALWAYS apply sunscreen. Soko Glam has one that’s very inexpensive, has SPF 50 and PA+++ and doesn’t leave a permanent white cast, it fades nicely in a couple of minutes, Missha Mild Essence Sun Milk.

Meet you back here in a few days for more WTTs and adventures in Translation and ISSF Sport in the Olympic World!

Attention all ISSF Olympic athletes and traveling translators! I just discovered this hair treatment: A’PIEU SUPER PROTEIN STEAM CAP click on the name and order it from Ebay! I’ve got frizzy, crazy hair and last night I put this on and after I rinsed it was sooooooo SOFT!! I’m not kidding, I’m going to order 2 dozen right now!

Grace Hahn