Your Transformation: Is it Time for a Change in Life?

Like a snake shedding its skin, maybe it’s time for YOU to shed your skin and for the new you to emerge


If your answer to the following questions is YES, then it’s probably time for a change in your life:

  1. You wake up and just can’t find the energy or motivation to go to work.

  2. You dislike your job but not your career.

  3. You dislike your job AND your career.

  4. You are not where you would like to be at your age, either in terms of career, finances or life in general.

  5. You’ve been feeling “blah”, kind of empty for a while.

Now, you need to pinpoint the reason for you “blah”: Is it your job? Your career? Your relationship? Your lifestyle? More than one of these? If the answers aren’t obvious, we need to dig a little deeper.

Make a list of everything in your life you’re happy/satisfied with and another list of things you’re dissatisfied with. Are things starting to look a little clearer?

Let’s make them even more obvious: make a list of things that would make your life better, more interesting.

Are you closer to understanding what needs to change in your life? Talk to your closest friends and relatives, people you really trust and whose common sense and judgment you value. Ask them to look at your lists and use what they know about you to view things from the outside, from a different viewpoint.

I guarantee you 100% that you will feel better as soon as you know where the “blah” is coming from and once you decide to take action to correct it.

Go through this exercise and then come back and leave your results, comments, questions in the “Contact” section of the website and I will personally walk you through your next steps.

Makes those lists HONEST and as long as they need to be!

Grace HahnComment