My name is Grace and I’m a Life Coach

I specialize in life skills, life transitions, self-confidence and personal development

I know, from personal experience, how hard it is to find your passion, your place in the world and to switch careers and lifestyle mid-life.

I also experienced panic disorder, anxiety and depression. I overcame it all using strategies given to me by my own coaches and mentors.

I can help YOU get unstuck, find your path, stop waking up feeling dread, find your motivation and start leading the lifestyle you’ve always wanted…and if you don’t know what that Lifestyle is, I’ll help you with that too.

Proud to announce my coaching website & blog was included in the Top 100 Life Coach Websites And Blogs To Follow in 2019.


Top 100 Life Coach Websites And Blogs To Follow in 2019

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You can listen to one of my personal story of panic and anxiety attacks, misdiagnoses, depression and fear in this video starting minute 5:08. Subscribe to Exile541 on YouTube by clicking HERE, a GREAT program where you can hear how people have made it through hard times, how they’ve received a kindness from strangers, how they’ve overcome adversity and how they’ve decided to improve their lives and how.

I owe more than great gratitude to Grace for helping me reinvent my career. Traveling has always being at the top of my list of hobbies but I haven't enjoyed much of it because I was in a Job that really wasn't for me. Luckily, fate intervened and I found this free and beautiful soul just in time. Grace is an excellent listener, communicator and motivator. She has unlocked all the codes regarding the work travel lifestyle and has effective ways of driving her invaluable points home. She has successfully reconnected me with my passion and provided me with the tools and confidence I need to live my best life. Everything covered in her materials are well structure and clear. Choosing to work with Grace is one of the best things I ever did. God bless the day I found you online!

—Pearl Life Coaching Trainee

Thank you so much Grace Hahn for always being so kind and supportive to me. I really appreciate for her constant support and helping the needy to achieve what they deserve and also giving guidance to be on right track and to help me obtain a job in my area of choice. Thanks again for your ready to help nature which insights me to grow more in my career.

— Siddharth Dhankhar (Studying Sports Management at the Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak) Life Coaching Trainee